AlumaDoor Garage Door Hinges
Hinges are not the first thing you think of when selecting a door, but the details are significant.

Superior garage doors like AlumaDoor come with 11-gauge hinges. Lesser doors come with 14-gauge or even 18-gauge hinges (the higher the number the thinner the steel). Every AlumaDoor sectional garage door comes standard with commercial grade, top quality, premium-finished 11-gauge hinges.


They’re twice as Strong.
They’re Quieter.
They’re Safer.
They’re Longer Lasting.

Utilizing 11 gauge hinges on all of our doors is safer, will last longer, and will more quietly and confidently handle the strain of each open/close cycle. Look at the side-by-side photo and compare. Your customer will see the difference.

Side-by-Side Comparison: AlumaDoor vs. Brand X