Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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We use only 1/4″ glass, either laminated or tempered, as specified. Glass this thick takes a pretty heavy blow to break, unlike competitors who utilize 1/8″-thick glass with their doors. Further, our 1/4″ laminated glass offering is extremely difficult to break thru to gain access. It is the same type of glass utilized on the windshield of an automobile. It is made to stay together rather than break apart into small pieces like tempered glass. All that said, if you check with your local police department you will find few “break-ins” or burglars gaining access to a home through a front facing garage door. Side and rear windows and doors are much more prevalent break-in entry points.

The actual finish will not fade over time, but it will start to show a light white chalking or lack of luster. Our accelerated weather testing (5 years of direct sunlight) showed this. But try a little Meguiars liquid car wax and the color will come right back.

We currently offer IG (insulated glass) glass panels in Frosted + Clear, and Clear + Clear tempered with or without Low-E coating. This is significant as glass makes up approximately 90% of the surface area of our doors.

Our black laminated glass is nearly 100% opaque, you cannot see in at all. White laminated glass is approximately 95% opaque, meaning you would be able to see your hand behind the glass but if you were to move your hand back 12” it would disappear. And the frosted glass options are probably 90% opaque. Clear and other glass options do not offer much privacy and are designed more for general aesthetic or design requirements.

Our 1/4-inch laminated (aka Safety Glass) glass options come in black, white, smoke, and clear, and offer greater thermal insulation over the more common 1/8-inch models on the market. We also offer a 1/4-inch clear tempered glass with Low-E coating for further heat reflection and a custom look.